About Us

The Bayshore Club

Since the 1980's, this non-profit club has been hosting members and groups of AA & NA.  It all started with a few meetings a week and now we offer up to seven meetings a day!

Welcome, Newcomers!

Newcomer's to AA are especially welcome!  If you wish to seek help with your own drinking and/or drug problem, then you may come to any meeting and introduce yourself, if you wish.  An AA member will be pleased to assist you in making you feel comfortable.


We're here to help you get the help you're seeking.  You can ask any of our members or check out our recommended resources here.


All are welcome to attend our daily meetings.  The meeting rooms are open 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes after meetings to non-members.

Members Only Benefits

As with any organization, we have financial obligations which need to be met.  There are monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership fee options for those who want to become members.  Our members are welcome to use the ping pong table, pool table, TV room, and enjoy the fellowship of other members in the club room.